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西游记 Journey to the West
   2014-11-21 14:04:12    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Qin Mei

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Recently Chinese actor Zhang Jinlai, is spearheading a campaign to get his series "Journey to the West"(西游记xī yóu jì ) the Guinness World Record for the most broadcast and highest-rated series. 

Zhang, who played the Monkey King in the classic story's first small-screen adaptation in 1986, says that the series has been aired in China over three-thousand times since it was first broadcast.

[xī yóu jì] 西游记 Journey to the West

What is more, Journey to the West is set to be made into an American TV series. Titled Badlands, the series will be produced by AMC and will hit the small screen next year or in early 2016.  How much do you know about "Journey to the West"?

西游记 Journey to the West

Journey to the West is an ancient Chinese novel about the pilgrimage of Tang Monk and his three disciples, the Monkey King, the pig demon, Zhu Bajie, and the river demon, Sha Wujing, to obtain Buddhist scriptures.

The novel is based on a real story in history. Back in the Tang Dynasty, a young monk called Xuan Zang traveled over ten thousand miles to India to obtain Buddhist scriptures. He went through a great deal of ordeals before achieving his goal. But apart from commending the achievements of the Tang Monk, the novel depicts three other characters, the most famous, the Monkey King, Sun Wukong.

Sun is a monkey capable of magic. He is just, brave and capable of 72 transformations. While on the road, he killed and defeated numerous devils. The character is loved by all in China. As to the other two pilgrims, the pig demon is kind by nature, albeit gluttonous, lazy at work and known for playing petty tricks constantly. The river demon is loyal, honest, hardworking and uncomplaining, and responsible for taking care of the daily needs of his master and fellow pilgrims.

[xiǎo shuō] 小说 novel
[shén huà] 神话 myth
[qǔ jīng] 取经 obtain scriptures
[chāo yuè zì wǒ] 超越自我 to surpass oneself
[kè fú kùn nán] 克服困难 to overcome difficulties

The four of them have survived the test of eighty-one challenges in the adventure before finally acquiring Buddhist scriptures.

Journey to the West is a household myth in China. Its many tales about surpassing oneself and overcoming difficulties have always been a positive influence on Chinese people.



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